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The Blanket Scarf Dilemma

I want to talk to you about my blanket scarf. How do I wear the thing?  It's chunky, it won't fold neatly around my neck.  It's not square so I can't triangle it.

On the other hand I love the colours,  they are my autumn colours and the scarf is reversible.  Yes, it has a gingham reverse. Really, is it for the thrift shop due to impracticality?

Some brave ladies cut theirs.  Should I act with recklessness and take the scissors to it? 

Then as I stood at Clapham station pondering which way to cut and imagining such rashness a blast of cold air passed through.  I grabbed my impractically thick scarf and wrapped it around my shoulders.

That's when I realised what I'll do.  I'll use it to keep warm. How novel!


  1. beautiful classic pattern, that must be what it's for, keeping warm!

  2. I completely understand the dilemma, sometimes you have to get creative! I love that it is reversible; such pretty colors!


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