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The Chairs

I decided that I would dabble at selling some bits and pieces such as CDs and DVDs, nearly new jackets, that kind of thing.  I put them on a local selling site and has anyone shown interest, no! What has happened instead is that I bought two chairs.  Haven't I done well.

Our kitchen table is fabulously big and tiled.  It has 6 chairs.  It is old, tired and some of the chairs very wobbly.  When I saw 2 chocolate coloured pine chairs for sale for just £12 the two I snapped at them.  They would be great to replace the two wobbliest.  

The gentleman delivered them in his van.  Miss 21 and Mr Him and I deliberated.  They aren't the same height, but well they blended with the cream of the other chairs and the mocha in the table.  

I decided to keep them. 

They are growing on me.  I am starting to like the rustic and wacky unevenness of the arrangement.  


  1. It works! I once bought 2 chairs like that, one was very wobbly so I got rid of it but I still use the other one. And eclectic decor will never go out of style!

    I had to laugh when you didn't sell anything but bought instead! I had luck selling many of son K's textbooks on Kijiji. But it was a lot of work connecting with the buyers and the bargaining. Most want the stuff for almost free.


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