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What to wear for a countryside stroll

I have decided that, as I'm such a fashionsta, I am going to show you what to wear if you ever take a spring or autumn walk in the UK countryside, assuming it's not raining. 

Wellies are a good idea. The ground is likely to be boggy.  Mine are Seeland.  

Comfortable jeans or trousers. I'm wearing my old favourites from Marks and Spencer. 
A jumper.  Mine was  £5 from Primark but a cashmere would look, ha-hmmm, just as  lovely for visiting cows and sheep. 

A woollen tweed jacket keeps one warm. Mine is vintage. A vintage fair is a great place to pick up something similar.

Sunglasses are a must if it's sunny.  The sun is low in the sky this time of year so can be dazzling.

Don't wear a necklace, no one you meet would understand it.

Do you sense a certain tongue in cheek in my writing today?


  1. you look very smart on your walk! I should get some wellies.


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