Grab a Pizza

For me Italian style pizza.  Thin base and flavoursome toppings.  The greater the oregano the better.  Pizza Express more than Pizza Hut. Mozzarella more than chorizo. Basil more than pineapple. 

If like me you enjoy Italian style then you'll be pleased when I tell you Sainsbury's have an offer on Pizza Express pizzas currently.  Did I buy one?  No, because I noticed that despite the offer the Dr. Oetker pizzas in the freezer section were still cheaper per gram. I've become frugal in my old age. 

A Dr Oetker margarita  found its way into my trolley for supper. Flagrantly copying SSG I loaded it with extras.  I used plum tomatoes and mushrooms. Before serving I threw on torn fresh basil. 

Mr Him poured wine which we drank from thin lipped tall wine glasses.

 We served with a side order of watching '28 Days Later' and enjoyed all.


  1. Sounds like a fine meal. Pizza margherita is my favourite.

  2. Yes to Dr Oetker and double yes to wine!

    SSG xxx


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