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Dear reader, do you remember me starting the year with swapping my hangers around for 6 months  and bit by bit finding what I don't wear in order to have a clear out.  Well I have continued through to June. It's not yet the end obviously but I have so far donated 2 bags of clothes to H&M in return for  £5 vouchers,  which I haven't spent yet.

 I've also donated 3 further bags to British Heart Foundation, and purchased from them a skirt,  blouse and a dress.  I absolutely cannot go in there without finding something worth adding to my wardrobe. Then I feel virtuous as I'm using someone else's castoffs and saving landfill waste. 

On Saturday whilst browsing the web I came across the Flylady website here.  In the name of house organisation I signed up for daily emails on how to bring order to my closets. On day 1 I was told to make an effort to clean my kitchen sink every evening before bed.  By day 2 I had reached the dizzy heights of getting dressed every day.  I'm now on day 5. So far I have cleaned my sink,  got dressed,  gone through my coats and shoes closet  (Mr Him donated a pair of trainers to Bhf so a useful exercise - not that I'm saying getting dressed isn't a useful exercise ), removed all, yes all, paper and magazines from the kitchen counter,  and removed one notice from the side of my fridge.

I would say I'm engaged with this programme.  Mind you I'm getting tons of clutter in my email inbox. 


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