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The Aperol Experiment

I have discovered Aperol.  That much instagrammed drink of the stylish has hit the Mutton household.  On discovering from an instagram friend that Tesco were stocking it I traversed the countryside in search of the nearest store so as I could join the Internet sauve set. On arrival at Tesco we decided to stock up with summer drinking staples.

Aperol is advertised as a drink to mix with Prosecco  (I bought mini bottles) and soda to make a spritz.
I took a sip.  It was a lot more sour than I expected.  I added more Aperol to dumb down the soda.  I added more Prosecco to dumb down the Aperol.
I had a sleep.

Instagrammers told me to persevere.  I did.  I moved on to a hurricane glass in the name of perseverance.

I had another sleep.

Some Instagrammers suggested having just Prosecco in it.  One suggested sparkling water instead of soda.  One suggested lemonade instead of soda.  I now have a few ideas to pursue next weekend.  The experiment continues in the Mutton household. It will continue through the summer. 


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