Cost Effective Alcohol

Good day dear reader,

Today's vacation tip is buy alcohol.  OK,  let's take this a step further,  buy alcohol duty free on the flight out.  Yes,  out.

I bought this bottle of Pimms on the plane.  I think it was  £14.  At €6 a cocktail out here in Tenerife it's turning out to be cost effective.  Beer for Mr Him is  €1 a pint roughly. It's my sangrias that are pricey. Subsidising my intake with apartment made Pimms does the trick.

It doesn't take much at European measures to start seeing double either. 


  1. duty free's a great idea. I love cocktails.

  2. You had me at the title today.

    Glad your holiday is going swimmingly!

    SSG xxx


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