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My Inflight Purchases

Today's post,  is my in flight success and fails,  under the influence of a success, Pimms, as is fitting.

For that reason I will make this short with uncomplicated words for this is how successful the aforeblogmentioned Pimms has been.

For comparative look at Cost Effective Alcohol blog.

Also on my flight over I bought a wand that zabba zabba zoos grey hair away.  I found it works, accompanied by Pimms.

We flew out BA and this wand was available on our short haul flight, in brown.

With the casting of a press of the button on the end I have been able to paint my grey hair brown.

 It survives pool too.  The trick is to hold the hair as you paint it otherwise you  (I ) paint your  (my) head brown as well.

 I really like this product and will buy another on the way back for stock at home.

I also bought a lip plumper.  I won't bother again.   That was a fail, not that it shrank my lips but rather didn't make any discernable difference.


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