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Versatile Travelling

Today I'm doing a holiday success post.  A dressing, packing or shopping tip that worked for me.

I don't know about you but I will not wear long trousers on a plane.  I like to keep my garments aloft of the plane toilet floor.  For many years now I have flown in cropped leggings.  This year I paired them with a short dress and cardigan as UK weather suitable.  Once I was at the hotel I whipped off the leggings, plopped on a sun hat and was good to go Canary Islands weather appropriate.

The leggings are five years old from Kim &Co  on QVC. They may still be available as they had great reviews and I can't fault them.  They are the denim look style but not denim.  The dress is from White Stuff and again several years old.  My cardigan is a recent purchase from Splendid. It's the waffle hooded wrap or cardigan in swan.  It was recommended by an American blogger.  I got mine from Amazon for about  £36.

A gratuitous pic of the outfit accompanied by lava and a blue curacao on the beach. 


  1. Hi Anna,
    What a great tip for travel toilet dressing! I usually rush to wash after using travel toilets so this tip could revolutionise holidays for me! Wishing you a lavaly holiday.


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