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Planning for a heatwave

I hear that next week may be hot, hot, hot. Over 33c hot. Yes, that hot!  Spanish plume hot!  A heatwave hot! These temperatures require a bit of planning. With that in mind I brought forward my booked legwax to last Wednesday .  I have started to  reacquaint myself with the fake tan (with disastrous results I might add, but that's another story blog.)

I will redo my pedi-nail varnish. I will dig out work appropriate summer skirts,  blouses and a couple of dresses. All this for a few days only.  Why?  It's because commuting in the heat is very, very uncomfortable.  It's because we all become a little less structured in our office wear in the heat. It's because summer is  a supernatural event in the UK. 

How many days will it be hot next week? They're  saying the weather will break on Wednesday so that's 2 office days that I'm planning for.  Is it worth it?  Oh yes!  It's worth it to get out of office formal.  

Talking of office formal, once again on Friday I had an adventurous moment and wore, what could be described as pyjamas.  Although not literally I did tell my colleagues several times 'in case your are wondering, I am NOT wearing pyjamas.'

This is what I wore.  With the cardigan it looked less like pyjamas.  However the outfit is very comfortable.  The T shirt is 3 years old from M&S and the trousers this year from M&S here.  Without the tapered leg there is a similar pair here . The reviews for the ones I have aren't so great.  There appears to be washing issues.    I do find a pair or two of summer trousers really useful though.  As for the 3 year old t-shirt, this one would be a similar shape I think, although mine is modal blend. 


Now back to next week's heatwave, 
I shall possibly wear this dress

or this dress

I shall possibly wear this skirt and blouse

I will wear this suntan

I will wear this pedivarnish  - Cajun Shrimp

Then on Wednesday I will wear my rainmac. 

How are you preparing for the 'heatwave' of 2 days?


  1. we've been having a heatwave but it is better after recent thunderstorms yesterday. lovely clothes on display today.

  2. Oh dear, I'm off to France for a week and will miss the heatwave fun. I'll follow your posts to see how your nice clothes selection keeps you cool.


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