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Packing Trick

Last time I went away for a weekend I devised a very useful trick.  Having sorted my clothes into events as per the piles in my previous blog, I then put each pile into its own  carrier bag and then into a suitcase. In the bags also go associated jewelry, belts, scaves etc.  This has rmade dressing much easier when away. 

The technique works for 2-3 days away.  Beyond that I'm reusing items and real capsuling comes into play instead.  When I truly capsule, unlike my last blog,  I follow a matrix concept and plot out pieces that go with other pieces on paper.  Items that can't be paired with more than one piece are jettisoned.  Yes,  I did follow this rule for the summer vacation posts, hence why you saw so many repeats.

Moving on to my outfits for the past weekend.  I can say my packing was perfect but not capsule.  Each bag worked in its own completeness

For Saturday visiting a gardens I dressed casually including slip on trainers.  The trousers are M&S mentioned several times before and the Tee is also from several years ago.  I wore a wrap braclet to add casual accessorisation.  

To go to the Indian restaurant I smartened up casual but stuck to separates.  I took my new £9 bargain M&S sandals out for a spin.  I have to say they were incredibly comfortable, but then I didn't walk much.  The top is a couple of years old but still avialable here .  I have it in grey, shown, and purple. 

To finish the outfit and for warmth I wore my black pleather jacket that I have mentioned before.

More sightseeing on Sunday saw me don a breton  here and jeans topped with scarf and leather jacket.  I did wear lace up trainers as rain was forecast and I didn't want to ruin my slip on trainers in cream.  For breakfast in the hotel I wore my new M&S suedette bargain £11 boots.

What are your packing tricks for small sojourns?


  1. The outfit to a bag system is genius! May I borrow it for my next trip?

    SSG xxx

    1. Of course:) Glad to have come up with a good idea.

  2. Great idea with the outfit-in-a-bag. And good outfit choices.


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