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Do you Poncho?

Every 3 months I go to a meeting in Clapham.  I've blogged on it here before. Last Saturday was one of those days.  I love the Nottinghillesque buzz of Clapham's Northcote Road.  The street market of flavoursome foods, coffee stalls and fish vans. 

After the meeting this last Saturday a colleague /friend and I went to have a catchup in Bills over a cuppa.  Once again the metal shabbychic teapot.  A long winding staircase to the restrooms,  bunches of dried chillis as wall adornment.  I've written on Bills before here

For my outing I wore a poncho over my jeans and top.  It was perfect for whipping on and off during the morning.  I also broke out my ankle boots as it was cool and raining.  The poncho also fitted well under my raincoat which surprised me.

I've heard a lot of people bemoan ponchos due to the expanse of material.  I hear that but in this case I have a lightweight shorter version and love it.  I too would feel swamped in the swathes of material over the fuller style.  This poncho is by Cadenza and available in boutiques around Britain. Stockists are listed on their website.  I got mine in a sale at half price.