Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Leopard Print Trainers

Do you remember me telling you how I bought 3 pairs of footwear from M&S in their sale recently?  The reason that I had looked in the first place was to find a pair of leopard print trainers.  There were none.  

A few weeks ago I found these longed for trainers, not in the shoe section but in the Autograph area.  Yes, I bought them.  Yes, I've been wearing them this autumn.  Yes, they will meet my 10 years rule.  Hey, my grandmother wore leopard print!   I will wear Leopard Print!  Yes, they were longed for.  I saw leopard print being worn last year and yearned but baulked at the prices from brands offering this print in trainers.  M&S to the rescue this year.  Thank you M&S.

Here they are on line.  Leopard print trainers

I bought some socks from boots called No Blister socks.  Perfect for breaking in these trainers.  I can't say these don't rub at first though but perhaps it would be worse without the No Blister socks.

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  1. Well done you to keep your ten year test going, right through to trainers. I'm impressed!


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