Sunday, 27 November 2016

An Unexpected Christmasy Look

Dear reader,  last week I was quite stunned when a colleague told me that I looked lovely and 'Christmasy'.   I looked at my clothes to check that I hadn't had tinsel wrapped around me.  No. Nor any ribbon,  bows nor cracker hats upon my head.  I was not wearing red.  I was flummoxed. 

I queried my colleague who just affirmed that it was a wintry Christmasy look. 
This is what I was wearing.  

A cream and black lace patterned blouse, a grey cardigan,  a cream cord necklace with gold pendant.  A black skirt and ankle boots,  opaque hose. 

I'm still flummoxed but if you want to look festive but avoid red then maybe this is a combination to aim for.  I think it's more the grey,  cream and gold that gave the appearance of 'Christmas ' rather than my black skirt. 

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