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Challenge - Matchymatchy

This week I pretended to be a 'put together' woman by making an effort to match my accessories in order to pull together my look rather than be the shambles that  I normally am.

I found it surprisingly easy and that it gave me confidence.  I walked head high as if to say, 'look, I do pay attention to the little details.  I am that woman.'

It all started with a scarf and bracelet that had similar teal and peach colourings, which I confess was a semi accidental use of accessories.  I say semi as I didn't go looking for matching accessories at this point ('you didn't,' you say.  I do hear your horrified voices.  OK, OK, I know that you are well put together ladies and that accessorizing is second nature to you but I am not.) In fact I wasn't looking for a bracelet at all, because I don't often bracelet. ('you don't!' you utter).  It was more that I came across the bracelet then realised that I could wear it with my teal outfit and I would need a scarf as it was chilly. 

That led me down the path of trying to do what you elegant readers do so naturally. The next day I matched my nails to my scarf.  I was on a roll now.  Look I have a bracelet on too. 

I had to follow up the next day, due to the roll,  with a scarf and bracelet match again. 

I found it surprisingly easy once I put my mind to it.  I planned my 
 scarf as usual around my outfit, well you do don't you, then just rummaged for the bracelet that would match. As I said I am not one for bracelets.  By that I mean that I love them but do not make the effort generally.  This week I made the effort.

I am going to continue to try to keep this up.  

The challenge this week is to match accessories.  Let me know how you do, please.  I love your feed back.  


  1. Walk of Lostness. Path of Trying. You are taking us on a heck of a journey. And I need to take that first step on The Path of Trying to get matchymatchying after seeing your nice combos. I feel inspired.


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