A Blouse for a Semi Smart Occaison

Dear reader,  another little outfit I've worn this party season is my faithful black M&S skinny jeans (again) plus my Hush wrap shirt here.  Mine is last year's version in blue. This year's colours are green, blush, red and black.  I've found the v on this blouse comes quite low on me so have put a stitch in to tie it together higher up. 

I wore this for a lunch at home. We were hosting a Xmas meal for a committee that I am on.  I can rely on my kitchen being warm so didn't need to worry about jackets and whether I'd be cold in this blouse.  As it was daytime I added a simple gold necklace, not too bling. 


  1. Your outfit sounds just perfect. And Anna, I'm so impressed with your hosting lunch and all those delicious roasties etc. Mmmnnn... From the table setting it looks like you were feeding many. Your tiled table is looking good too.


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