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Clashy-clashy the Challenge, Not

Do you remember matchey-matchey? Well this is clashy-clashy, and don't worry it's not your  challenge.

The day started well ok it was a struggle.  I couldn't find a cardigan or wrap to wear as my trusty grey is still at the spa (lazy whatsit). I eventually chose a black cardigan. That was the worst it got.....until. 

I was running late.  It was minus 6 outside. I'd been wearing my down  puffa coat all week.  I grabbed it. I put it on.  I ran out of the door.  I walked briskly to the station.  I looked down. 

My challenge, and yours, is to plan your outfit right down to the darn coat in future!   I can't even blame this on lack of grey cardigan!


  1. Oh dear, those dippy hem cardis are such a challenge. What's a girl to do ...?

    1. The cardigan didn't hang down really, it was the colour combo that shocked me! Purple and burgundy, urgh.

  2. Too funny. Yes, I have to plan my outfits way ahead of time or I get very flustered.

  3. And that's exactly why my everyday coat is black. It goes with everything.


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