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More of my Styles for "America"

Dear reader, how else have I styled "America? "   I'm sure you are agog. 
I prompted an outfit of blush,  grey and black. 

Teal and grey featured as an office oufit. (I still love my grey.)

For Saturday I prompted a cream, long jumper, skinny dark wash jeans, tan boots and leopard print scarf. 

Sunday's prompt was burgundy jeans.  Remember those from an earlier post here.  I prompted to wear these with a black top and long grey cardigan (sorry, not sorry).  Note the lack of boots in my pic.  I will come on to that in my next blog. 

Monday was a dark turtle neck jumper,  black jeans,  tan boots, leopard print scarf.   I added a short grey (what a surprise) cardigan to the look. As a teenager I wore a cardi' over a sweater. I suppose heating wasn't so effective in those days.  As my turtle neck was skinny I wanted to see how this worked.  I think it did and it was certainly practical in minus 5 walking to the station but didn't stay on long beyond that. 

Would you wear or try a cardigan over a turtle neck?


  1. Hey, Anna, you've given us your week in outfits. Love them. Like how you've worked the leoprint, the lovely scrarf goes with so much. Cream jumper. M&S? I have it! It's so cosy.

    1. Yes and I will blog on this during this week and the cornbeef hash. watch my space

  2. Ooh, that first outfit is so pretty. And I WANT those boots!

    Great post

    1. I guess you mean the tan boots. I will see if they are still available and post a link if so.


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