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Oh How I Love Thee Grey Cardigan

Dear reader,  there has to be a part 2 to this post.  I honestly hadn't realised just how much I'd wear this cardigan.  It may not last 10 years!  Looking through this week's instagram I see I've worn this 3 days at least. 

In my world clothing items don't mix between office and home.  I have my business set and my casual set and never do they meet. ...until the cardigan.  My one workhorse.  When I met the cardigan in Primark I had no idea how friendly we'd be.  It wasn't love at first sight.  It was more 'you look solid and reliable. '  Turns out it really is my fallback escort for many occasions. 

Work, last week alone

Leisure this week 

Prior outings for my faithful escort

I am now giving my escort a spa week (laundry) and will make a big effort to give it a much needed rest.  Did you buy this cardigan when I posted on it?  If not I urge you to consider the versatility of a long grey cardigan or wrap to see if it could be your faithful constant companion.  What's turned out to be your workhorse so far this season?  


  1. Anna, I had spotted the cardimance on IG but didn't want to say anything. You two were exclusive, you'd stopped seeing other cardis and that's fine. I was expecting an official announcement soon and yes, you'll see from my recent blog that I'd already bought a hat. And it's fine that you've given it a spa week, though Ross would look on that as a break, just sayin'.
    It's a perfect cardi, agreed, I have it in pink and navy but seems grey's the stuff of true romance. Now, girlfriend, when are you gonna put a ring on that cardi?!

  2. I have to say that your comment about giving the cardigan a "spa week" is my favorite thing today!

    A Primark just opened near us, maybe if I can ever get there, I'll check it out.

    1. Mine too, Bridget! Wish we had Primark in Oz.

      SSG xxx


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