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Being Mary

Dear reader, it was time I was my older twin Mary and what better outfit then her grey on grey.  My sticking point was that I do not have a grey leopard print blouse.  But magic was done.  I remembered that I did have a leopard print tunic, which I would wear (at the right occasion, which is not often) with leggings.

This tunic is actually quite a thin jersey so I figured that I could wear it with my grey jeans, and  tucked in at the front to create a high low top.

my face says' does this work'?

I added the infamous grey cardi of mine, as per Mary, which concealed the low part at the back.

I decided on brown leopard sneakers instead of brown boots. 

and a tan bag. I adore tan/brown with grey, don't you?

But Mary also had a grey scarf.  Voila.  Off to the dentist I went. 

Thank you Mary as you have given me more ways to wear a tunic that hangs in my wardrobe doing very little.  I actually could wear this without the cardigan as its thin enough to tuck in all around or I could wear it as a high low type top.  Another bonus is that this tunic has a sister in my wardrobe.  A plum flowery colour, pictured in a December post, and below.  By bringing more ways to wear this leopard tunic I have also more ways to wear the plum one. So many wins here.

Here is Mary's outfit here

Do you have a tunic that you could adapt to a blouse?  That's your challenge of the week.


  1. Lovely post, Anna, thank you for featuring me! Hope you like mine.
    Clever idea with the tucking in thing, which doubles wearability. Spookily I stumbled on your plum outfit when researching and thought how nice you looked in it.I don't have too much blouse selection right now so I may not be able to jump to that challenge.

  2. Perfect go to pieces for our weather at the moment. Spot on with the Tan and Grey xx


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