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Being Tania

Dear reader,  my Friday outfit for work yesterday was inspired by Tania of 50 is Not Old.  Actually I had seen several fashionstas sporting a red jacket, white shirt and jeans recently but I particularly liked how Tania had bejeweled her version with the necklace and bracelet.

To clear up doubt the pics are of me.

I used a pearl bracelet.

My necklace is my one featured here.  It has several large loops on the extender enabling me to wear it around the collar ala Tania. 

I don't have red boots, sadly, so finished this off in black boots. 

My jeans are straights from M&S and several years old.  The jacket is also old from Precis.
This is a look that would have comfortably worked for my conference casual week. 

Tania is here talking about the Fierce Fifty Campaign which I have signed up to join. 


  1. Love a red jacket. This looks really good and suits you so well. I'm a huge fan of Precis. Iv'e had and still wear a jacket from Precis over twenty years ago. Love this look Anna. Come link up! x

  2. Thank you. This jacket is about 10 years old and just does not date. I normally wear for visiting offices in the summer with a skirt. First time I've worn it with jeans. I linked my NYC last Thursday and will link this when next Thursday.

  3. Love that pop of red! Now I need to look for a red jacket!

  4. Great look, red suits you. Oh heck, I don't qualify for the FFs!


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