Friday, 24 March 2017

Bench of Facial Saving and the Changes

Dear reader,  do you recollect my dressing table sort out and the removal of items to a crate. The basis being that if those items were still in the crate mid-summer then they are for the bin (if I'm brave enough ) .  Sunday morning saw me revisit this newly cluttered surface once again.  Look at it.  There's no space to squeeze a  lipstick!  How does this happen?

I stripped the items then replaced them in exactly the same layout as I had in January as per my handy pic (on my January blog.)  This was to see what I had gained over 3 months.  These gained items were still on my bed.

The findings

These few items have been taken from the crate during the last 2-3 months.  I think they are all excusable.  Nail varnish remover, face mask, perfume, nail file, micellar water and a face serum. 

Then there are a couple of items I've bought.  A number 7 face mask and braces wax.  The braces wax an absolute essential after having my braces fitted.

I'm pleasantly surprised, aswell as dumbfounded that a cluttered affect had been created organically over 3 months by the addition of just 8 items.  Actually when it's written like that 8 is quite a lot. 

This is how the Bench of my Facial Saving  (dressing table to normal folks ) now looks. 
Roll on June . 

the yellow tube was previously in the bathroom so I have ignored it

 Let's see what happens during the next 3 month timehop.

Am I normal or am I particularly untidy?  Tell me about your Bench of Torture Facial Saving.  

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  1. I've added two chunky eye crayons (retractable) to the core cosmetics stash since my big January purge. One of those is offset by the binned superfluous sharpener. So net additions = 1. Smug or what?! Tiny Cottage Life doesn't allow me a bench of torture. I think the trick is not to have a welcome-all-comers big surface. Hope this helps!


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