The Pinafore

Do you have items never worn in your wardrobe?  I bet you do. I do. I've spent a good deal of money on these items that then hang in there for decorative purposes.   I've even got a Gok item (gasp.)  So on Tuesday I decided to wear said Gok item to work. It is a pinafore dress. I'd bought it to wear casually with a poloneck jumper,  very retro,  but just not got around to it.  So on Tuesday the day of 'the wearing of the dress' dawned. 

Ignore the crease, this Fierce Fifty year old works on the basis of body warmth rather than ironing each morning.  

I wore a white shirt underneath. The neckline was a bit too high to show a necklace  (and I didn't want to wear a long one ) so I added a brooch to my shirt collar.  You remember I was trying to use brooches more, as inspired by Jodie of Jtouchofstyle.

Opaque tights and black ankle boots finished it off.  No cardigan required. 
Just a scarf and coat for the commute. 

I wonder how many other ways I can wear this dress.  I'm excited to find out. 
Do you have a pinafore?  How do you wear them?  I'm going to try this dress with my denim shirt one day.


  1. I can so see the pinni with a black polo neck, and a grey polo, tights and your grey boots. Quickly, before it gets too warm for opaques!!
    I've brought a wild card in my carry-on, a 3-4yr old splodgy top I not yet worn! 'Tis the season, it would seem ...

  2. I agree with Mary. You will get so much wear out of this. I can't believe it has taken you so long to wear it! I love the broach idea too.
    Thank you so much for linking up to Celebrating Style xx


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