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Khaki Olive Jacket Story

Dear fashionsta,

I had a most lovely day out last Saturday.  The weather was spring like, Mr Him dressed in his best daffodil  yellow linen  shirt and I broke out my favourite only khaki jacket for the first time this year.  Hurrah.  Like The Pouting Pensioner I adore my jacket.  It has a bit of a tale.

A few years ago,  before I met you, dear fashionsta,  when I thought 50 meant  50 and frump had to set in I bought a khaki jacket from New Look.  I almost immediately donated it to my daughters as, well, I had worn one of these day in, day out,  when I was 20. That had to mean I couldn't wear it now.  It hung in my daughters, both of them,  wardrobes unworn. Then I met you. 

You, dear fashionsta,  who instagram and blog and are my age-ish and don't let a number get between yourself and a khaki jacket. 

I raided the wardrobes.  I found the jacket.  I wore the jacket.  I loved the jacket.  It's now about 6 years old and half it's life has been adored by me.

So, last Sunday I dressed in flowers and pink, navy and metallic to accompany the jacket on it's first 2017 outing.

I discovered khaki or Olive with navy last summer, if you recollect.  I am still loving the combination and these flowers added a spring vibe.  The top is 3 years old.  I didn't wear it all last summer.  It's good to get it out and about this year.  The jeans are in Marks and Spencers currently here   .  Shoes, I'll come on to that. 

 I took the jacket on a trip to see Gandalf's staff and have my first Aperol of the season. 

There is more on my day out and the staff here on my Anna blog.

Before I leave you for this episode do you notice how I turned up my jeans and wore metallic SKetchers Go Walks?  I point this out as this is how my male friend turned up, turned up jeans and Go Walks.  Aren't we a matching pair!

Have you discovered these oh so comfortable trainer type shoe.  I bought mine 3 years ago and this time of year are indispensable.


  1. Like the outfit and the serendipitous matchy matchy moment. I still haven't tried aperol but that pic is selling it to me!

  2. The Khaki looks great! Forget your age! It's just a number! Love the trendy rolled up jeans too x


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