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A Spring Outfit in Grey and Beige

My goodness isn't it nice to have some sunshine!  Our winter has not been particularly cold but it's seemed bland, grey and wet.  When spring sprung  a couple of weeks ago we took ourselves for a social at our local bar, which we do about once a month.  Now. I have noticed that many blog linkups require a post about an outfit.  Very rarely do I write on an outfit (I know that as many of my blogs aren't link up worthy due to lack of outfit. ) Clearly I need to add it to my repertoire more regularly.  Would you like that? Don't answer do answer, please.  I'd like to know what you'd like to hear more of on my site.  

Getting on to the outfit for this post you won't find any fancy modelled pics as I wasn't planning on using the pictures that way and I'm not generally speaking that sort of blogger.  

On this occasion hubs and I took a saunter to our local bar.  We like to go once a month to catch up with friends on a Sunday afternoon.  Sometimes we take the dogs. 

It was a warmish day so I grabbed this handy little top I have from H&M USA site  and UK site .  Lucky you, it's reduced, but I bought it in the autumn at full price.   It's quite sheer so I wear a nude cami underneath.  This blouse, although sheer, is warm being a chiffony material.  No need for a jumper or cardigan on this particular day.

I paired it with grey jeans (I like grey and beige, don't you) and 5 years old Clarks black knee boots.   To walk to the bar I wore my sale purchase Laura Ashley coat, which is no longer available. I added my tan Boden thrifted leather bag.  I've always been one for mixing my bag and footwear colours so I was delighted when this became a trend. Sadly I'm hearing that matchy-matchy is back.  Nooooo, that is so not me! How will I manage to be that put together?  I'm  throw it on and pray sort of girl midlife woman has been

image showing grey coat outfit

Isn't it lovely seeing the daffodils out.  And no I didn't trample on them. 

image showing grey coat outfit

My hubs took a while with this shot.  Perfectionist isn't he! Also he thinks he's qute the comedian. 

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  1. Nice outfit, AM, and I'm loving your full and flippy hair and your beautiful spring smiles.
    But hey, you're saying matchy is back? Good news for an old matchy pensioner like me!
    Wishing you a super week, twin, hugs to you, x

  2. Lovely outfit! I totally agree, it is really refreshing to be having some warmer weather. It actually feels like Spring now.

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBc. Have a good week. :)

  3. Love the outfit. Everything matches so perfectly!

    Greetings from Malaysia!


  4. Have a great start of the week!

  5. We have daffodils ...but it is still cold...and wet and windy..

  6. I like grey and beige too. Love your coat! #globalblogging

  7. I do love seeing the daffodils in bloom! You look so smart in your spring outfits!

  8. What a lovely outfit!!

  9. Love the photos, and your grey coat looks marvellous on. I always used to like matching bags and shoes, but now I mix and match quite often. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  10. I love those boots, they look fabulous! #AnythingGoes

  11. Lovely outfit :) The blue coat and yellow daffs look so pretty
    Debs @

  12. You know I'm a matchy kinda gal! In or not I wear what I like! Yes to more outfit photos please, especially when they show super outfits like this.
    I love your style and I think you should share it more
    Laurie xx

  13. Love your grey coat! #globalblogging


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