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A Whiz through July in a skirt 3 Ways

Dear fashionista, I had been under the perception that I wear the same few items to work, the work clothes uniform scenario that is currently raved about.   I had thought I was ahead of the curve regarding this trend for a minimalist work wardrobe.  

Looking back through July I can see there is not one work outfit repeated, well maybe one sneaked in. Dear fashionista, I'm sure you're quite expert at mixing it up but I was lazy. My aim was to get out of the house suitably attired and darn whether I wore it 3 days ago let alone 3 ways. Yet, experimenting with style challenges has led me to  mix it  up more, plan the night before and use my clothes,  even the ones at the back.  

I apologise,  dear fashionista, as I'm on a learning curve.  My photography is poor and I need to work on my stance if I'm to collage the pics.  Professional my blog is not but here are the outfits that I managed this month.

Flared skirt 3 ways 

Birdcage skirt 3 ways 

Grey houndstooth peplum hemmed skirt 3 ways 

Then way back at the beginning of the month the summer occurred, for 3 days, with the opportunity to party on in dresses and summer lights 

There were some casual  Fridays thrown in, with office challenges, 

and some weekends were had by my clothes and I.