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Style Challenges, What I Discovered

During a mostly miserable July in the UK I attempted to follow Instagram style challenges. My aim was to excavate my own wardrobe. Challenge is a well suited description for these style games, as applying US and Australian based style challenges to UK weather/season was quite a feat on its own let alone thinking up outfit combinations.

That aside I uncovered items at the bottom of my drawers that eventually would have been given to charity, 

A linen blouse that I hadn't worn in a couple of years is now a keeper instead of a potential donation. Its classic and will not date. 
I found a look for my green cropped trousers that I really hadn't known how to wear

This 6 year old top (on the verge of being donated) was reinvented by combining two challenges, mint with a statement necklace.  Its a keeper

I re-adopted clothes that I had given to my daughters and that they were on the verge of donating to charity

This blouse has had a lot of use for work over the years but I gave it to my oldest last year as I was bored of it.  She hadn't worn it so I reclaimed.

I discovered combinations that I had not thought of before

This was a theme of ocean breeze.  I liked the freshness of teal and white.

I discovered that scarves really are too busy on me for summer looks and will be abandoned next month.

I discovered that I too can wear maxi dresses for everyday wear.

I successfully discovered repurposing a work cardigan for weekend wear

and unsuccesfully repurposed a casual t-shirt for work wear 

Adding a t-shirt took the smart out of smart.  It was a fail.

and I identified one item that I will give to charity this month. 

This vest with a racing style back is going to be donated.  Its shape and colour is not me at all. 

On a practical note I learnt that if you follow too many challenges on one day you could look like a clashing tapestry on legs. Conversely combining two challenges gave me an opportunity to wear items together creating new looks. 

Will I do this again?  Oh yes, I still have a lot of clothes to audit. 


  1. Love all these outfits!

    Glad the racer back is off to Charity, I can't do racer back stuff.. never could, the whole bra thing doesn't work for a start and I think its def a look for an athletic 18 year old only..

    I like wearing scarves, Summer, winter the lot.. maybe you need a couple of shorter ones so they don't swamp the whole outfit? xxxx

  2. Congratulations on your first outfit post. Style challenges can be so much fun and really help you to be creative with your wardrobe. It's also a great opportunity to meet other wonderful women. Karen xxx


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