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Chocolate Truffles

Looking at my meal plan of last week I realised how few protein days I had.  Its much easier to have carb days when I am at work, carbs are far more suitable for a portable breakfast.  I felt I needed to make up for that at the weekend and splurged on a turkey curry and a Lamb Harissa.  What's more I ate them with carbs.  Yes, I am a fallen woman but curry needs rice, it really does.  The harissa recipe here (Lynne from Dorothy Camper suggested this recipe) was accompanied by sweet potatoes and I did ensure the rice was whole grain.  Do I get brownie points for that?  

Talking of brownies, I made these strange looking chocolate rounds.  

These are made of

150 g of sunflower seeds
4 tablespoons of raw cacao powder
400 g of medjool dates
2 tablespoons of maple syrup

Blend it all together in a food processor and the sticky mix will then roll into balls.  Put them into the freezer to harden for an hour.  I'm going to store mine there.  My plan is to have them at work as a snack on day I'm having protein. 

This recipe is my adaption of a brownie recipe of Ella's.  I couldn't use nuts and the sticky result lent itself to making truffles more than neat squares of brownies. 

It is hard to believe such a chocolaty sphere of melt in the mouth gorgeousness is actually good for you.  They do have a stronger taste of sunflower seed when you eat them from freezer but when defrosted fully the chocolate flavour comes through.