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Food Combining Mutton Style

I haven't done much with this blog, dear fashionista.  That hopefully will now change.   I've decided to rethink style and my rethinking tells me  that style is attitude, whole life attitude and that includes how I'm feeding my body.  My food attitude  has lent itself to a thickening waistline, even when I'm on a diet (that really makes me feel hard done by.)  

Myfitnesspal has been loyally tapped 3 to 4 times a day.  My calories  logged at 1200 and my Fitbit has assured me I am burning 1600 a day.  Result, I have put on, yes put on, 2 pounds over 4 weeks.  Great diet!

A restyle on the food front is required.

I have abandoned calorie tapping for the time being.  Instead I have decided to drop one food group a each day, either carbs or protein. Food combining but Mutton Style.  There may be cheating  (that's the Mutton bit.)   I will try diet Mutton Style for a month.  What can I lose?  Inches off my waistline I hope.

Yesterday was a protein day, but I cheated.

Breakfast (here's the cheat, I needed toast) with avacado.

Lunch was  a melange of scrambled eggs, bacon and baked beans (yesterday I declared beans protein. They will be a migratory category I can foresee.)

Supper, baked fresh salmon fillet (sprinked with rosemary, pepper and salt), broccoli and carrot.

Today is Sunday.  I am having a carbohydrate day. Wine is a carb isn't it?

Breakfast was overnight oats with raspberries and yogurt.

Lunch, avacado on toast, on repeat.

Supper was a recipe from Deliously Ella's website.  Her Vegetable sauce served stirred into rice pasta.  I made enough to freeze 6 further portions.  Mutton Efficiency.


  1. I simply MUST know if this works! Being able to get the senior citizens discounts also means not being able to lose weight.

    1. Kirby, a year later and I can tell you it did work up to a point. Like all diets eventually I stabilised but too high and needed to count calories or reduce portions. However if you read my later posts you will see that I felt good eating this way.

  2. Good luck with it we just change our eating lifestyle and I lost 50 lbs Suzie 15 lbs,

    1. Wow. Well done both of you. What's your secret? I do enjoy seeing what you're cooking on your bbq.

  3. your dishes look wonderful I will add this blog to my list Anna

  4. Oh, Anna! I wish you tons of luck. I think the best thing we did was start working to eat clean about 6 years ago. Of course there are some processed foods at times, but concentrating on real foods has been good for our health and weight!!

    1. Thank you. Eating clean made me feel very alive and alert. I must re-visit this.


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