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Food Week Diary 1

Its the end of a hunger free diet week.   My food week looked like this:

Monday (protein)
Overnight oats with yogurt 

Snack  raspberries and clementine - stimulated my appetite so I had a hungry couple of hours  until lunch

Soup and a slice of bread

snack Dates and wow butter

pheasant casserole (home made)

Pheasant casserole

Tuesday  (carb)
Overnight oats raspberries and yogurt 

Snack dried fruit 

Soup bread 

Dates and peanut butter ( I have bought peanut butter and I'm keeping it at the office)

Jacket potato, filled with smoked trout,  horseradish sauce and spring onions baked  (trout, on a carb day? Apparently smoked trout is neutral.)  It was only a smidge anyway.  recipe here .) I had previously made a batch of this and froze the potatoes stuffed ready for afterwork)

Wednesday (carb)
wheat parcels (like Shreddies) with yogurt, raspberries and chia seeds

sprinking of chia seeds on my breakfast

baked beans and a whole small avacado
2 dates with peanut butter

Ready for work, portable breakfast, lunch and snacks

snack - Blueberry porridge square from my freezer (see here for recipe)

supper - half of a Jamie Oliver packet of quinoa and barley plus a serving of kale 

Thursday (carb)
wheat parcels  with yogurt and raspberries

Food doctor instant couscous and a whole small carmel avacado
2 dates with peanut butter

snack - Blueberry porridge square

supper - half packet of Jamie Oliver quinoa and another serving of kale
1 date


overnight oats with yogurt and blueberries

Mr Ben instant Brown rice sachet (half)
2 dates with peanut butter

Brown rice pasta and tomato sauce here

Have I lost weight....yes, 3 lbs.