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An Unhappy Tale of Two Boots

I'm facing a dilemma.  One of those 'but they cost me...' moments, but I have to be brave and face this head on. I must embrace realism.  Maybe I'll have a glass of wine first, or bottle.  Maybe both.

The problem is that I've got two pairs of cold, really cold,  weather boots.  Both are two years old.  Both worn three times at most.  One pair of indigo emus and one pair of  sketchers. My predicament is that I have to limp or phone for a lift home when I wear them. You'll admit that this is not ideal and not practical in the snow that I bought both for.  Before this particular boot wearer phones home she goes through a few brave attempts to solve her problem such as stuffing a tissue or scrap material down the back of the boot,  bending over to shuffle material or tissue that has moved in the boot, giving eye witnesses a rear view in her pencil skirt, surviving full beam headlights that turn on to highlight rear view followed by walking on on one tip-toe with as much dignity as she can pick up from the pavement. 

Its not that the boots need wearing in.  The problem is more serious, less rectifiable. I must admit this to myself.   For some reason on both boots the back has lost shape and bends in to my heel so rubs. The same foot funnily enough.  Its the boots' fault, honest. It's got nothing to do with my foot.

Today I've decided that they both must go to charity.  No point in filling up cupboards.  Begrudgingly I'm going to do it, after wine.  I so looked forward to wearing those Indigo Emus too, here 

Left boot is fine (Sketchers)

Right boot is bent in at the heel, unrectifiable (Sketchers)


  1. I had to laugh, and yes, agree you have to let them go.


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