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I am Hungry for Mr Him to Change

I have found a programme on Netflix called 'Hungry for Change.'  This is an hour and half long documentary on the food and non-food that we ingest.  It is not so much an eye-opener but goodness did it reinforce my views on what has been happening to my body.

After watching this I have come to the conclusion that the near elimination of processed sugars, meats, chemicals and going back to nature is why I am feeling so much better.  A better that I hadn't known I needed.  I didn't know I felt bad until I 'felt better'.   One phrase used in the programme is 'cognitive fog.'  Isn't this exactly what I have been describing?  My description was  an ungluing from head to toe and my mind better connected or wired.  

What I find remarkable  is that I didn't know to expect this.  I hadn't known that I would experience that result from changing my eating habits.  From my first blog on the subject it was about weight loss for me and deciding to cut out animal protein or carbs each day, to lose weight.  Inadvertantly,  due to life style this has resulted more in cutting out animal protein and eating more carbs, but natural ones.  I snack on homemade oat and banana cookies, or raw cacao, dates and sunflower seed balls of gorgeousness.  I have not eaten cheese in a month, nor butter. (OK, I had a pizza last weekend at a restaurant, and not to mention a very pink cake, but I didn't say I was fanatical.)

So taken with the changes I've noticed that I have found a new determination to convert Mr Him to a cognitive powerhouse. Maybe my utility room wouldn't have been painted Eton Mess if I'd done this earlier.  Mr Him has agreed to hand over his body to me in March.  In readiness I designed some healthy Snack balls for him to make. 

Mr Him's Snack Balls

I cup of  ground sunflower seeds,
1/2 cup chia seeds,
2 cups  fresh medjool dates
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
Whiz it together in a blender then scoop into balls with a couple of spoons or roll in hands

Mr Him making his snack balls

I added 2 tablespoons of raw cacao to mine for added flavouring.  I call mine Balls of Georgousness.

Mr Him has shopped at the weekend to build up his supplies.  He was horrified at how green our trolley looked. He even has some recipes  that he wants to eat and plans to feed me a meal of brussel sprouts this week.  I may regret this experiment. 

On Saturday I made Mr Him a tray bake, or more a tray freeze.

Tray Freeze

For the base I blended 

125g of sunflower seeds (ground in blender first)
125g pumpkin seeds (ground in blender first)

Ground sunflower and pumpkin seeds mixed with chia seeds
25g chia seeds
400g medjool dates
2 tablespoons of wow butter or peanut butter

This mix is packed hard into a lined brownie tin and frozen to harden

In the meantime the next layer is made using

400g of medjool dates
maple syrup to taste
1 teaspoon of coconut oil
6 teaspoons of wow butter or peanut butter

The mix is blended and layered over the base and re-frozen. 

Mr Him found it 'not bad.' The topping is a bit gooey and doesn't harden in the freezer. After cutting into brownie slices I stored these in the freezer ready for March and my 'experiment.'

Over on my 'fun' blog I have been bought a tinkle machine here


  1. You are both so disciplined, this is a good thing for continued health!

  2. It is amazing how much better you feel without processed foods. It works for us and a weight loss too, its amazing.

  3. This looks interesting! I will have to check it out on Netflix!


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