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My scarf and More Baking (although almost wish I hadn't)

A few people on IG have commented on my scarf and asked for information.

Mine is from a Dune store but I have found this online looks like maybe it's the one.  Happy shopping.

Today I had a go at making some oat cookies (here) from Ella's website.  I didn't have nutmeg, cinnamon or sultanas so a bit of a fail actually.  I did use maple syrup instead of date syrup and currents instead of sultanas.  The final result is not as sweet as I'd like.  I think I'm going to eat mine at work spread with peanut butter or in the summer with ice cream.  

I love how real Ella's picture of her cookies is.  There lies the similarity with mine, burnt a bit at the edges.


  1. Thank you Christine and SSG. It's no doubt available in your countries online from Dune. Thank you for reading my waffle.


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