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Imedeen and Me

I'm not a scientist nor a lab rat, but I seem to have inadvertently been the latter over the last couple of years. 

It all began when I hit old. I coincidentally went to a beauty show around this time.  I fell upon the Imedeen stand and there had my collagen measured on my arm.  The level  was good for my age but as that age had just reached old I decided to invest rather than let deterioration  have everything  its own way.  I was going down without a fight.

I started to take I'm Imedeen Prime  tablets. I don't take other supplements so I thought of them as at minimum increasing my nutritional intake and at best knocking old off its pedestal.

Last month,  2 years on,  I had my collagen levels tested at the same stand. I told them that I'd had it done a couple of years ago and they found my readings. My level had increased by 9%. This is at a time of life when the decrease should have set in. 

They were pleased to have that comparison especially as I hadn't taken other supplements over that time.  I was more pleased I can tell you.

What can I say except I'll keep taking the tablets. 


  1. I've never heard of these tablets. Great that it works for you!

  2. Thanks for sharing your insights about Imedeen, Anna! Been curious about these and now I know they work!

    SSG xxx


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