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Liberty For Uniqlo

Think of Liberty of London and you think of busy prints.  My mind can't help but link this iconic store with kitsch floral.  Entering the emporium, for emporium it is,  one is thrust back to an era long gone.  Wooden creaking staircases vie for centre stage with the vibrancy of its fabrics.  

The mock tudor Great Marlborough Street store dates to 1920 and is constructed from the timber of two ships.  More can be discovered here. However Liberty prints or fabrics have been sold since 1875.

Today sees the launch of Uniqlo’s collaboration with Liberty.  On line shopping of the Liberty range began at 11pm on Uniqlo’s website last night. 

Here are some of the fabrics Uniqlo is using in its range.  My favourite is Heart Fern.  


  1. Lovely patterns amazing what the online world brings us


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