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Pretty Easter Pics

Pretty Easter pic

We have had a long weekend in the UK.  Friday saw us, me, me with some help, decorating.  I have chosen Dulux Soft Maplewood in no 5 for our hall, landing and stairway.  

With Mr Him undertaking flopping his way the work has mostly fallen on my shoulders, arms and knees.  Miss 21 has helped.  You will see that not to out do each other  we are sharing the painting outfit.  

Not a pretty Easter pic, disclaimer.

On Saturday I took a break and with Miss 21 driving we headed to Kent to take my mother out to lunch.  I took the opportunity to give some winter clothes a final airing.  Similarity with my painting outfit is purely coincidental. If you have been horrified by my recent spending spree you will be reassured to know that my boots, jeans, bag and necklace are all 3 to 4 years old.  The jumper tunic, I confess, is a this year purchase but I hope it won't date.  

Disclaimer, outfit pic. 

My mother's local pub in Rye is called the Kings Head  and serves delicious food.   I had a large wine as I wasn't driving and a mushroom and halloumi burger, with chips.

Pretty food pic

I was back on  painting duty on Sunday whilst Miss 21 cooked us lunch.  She made the Deliously Ella's spiralised courgette loaded with sundried tomatoes, fresh basil pesto (link on my The family cook from Deliously Ella post) but added freshly cooked chicken breast and bacon to the mix and some new potatoes.  

For dessert I had made us a chocolate cake.  Can you have too much chocolate at Easter! Don't answer that.

Pretty Easter Chocolate cake pic


  1. Love your take on the long weekend - good food, wine and painting. That last one helps build up an good appetite for the others.

    SSG xxx

  2. the food looks lovely! and that cake! sounds a lovely weekend thanks for sharing.

  3. Snap! I had a mushie and haloumi burger at easter too! Though I think it would've been better with just haloumi in my opinion. A local cafe does a pumpkin and haloumi sandwich, which is amazing. Haloumi alone, fried, with a sprinkle of lemon is one of the best things ever.


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