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Spending February

How did February go for you?  For me it was wet but we had some walks,  fun outings and family events.  The home is now filled with the sound of tinkling water, you will have seen if you read my other blog channel.  Spending has been limited.  I splashed out on some new boots having donated two pairs to charity following the heel debacle.  I bought these boots in the Office sale. 

 I was worried that the zip would rub on my heel and become another sob blog but ‘hello to longer legs’ came to the rescue.  I ordered these heel raisers from Amazon.  

Not only have they made my new office boots very comfortable by raising me above the awkward part of the zip but they’ve solved other little problems for me.  Little, being shortish, I prefer a bit of height at least to my footwear but oh so love the look of flats.  A pop of these heel raisers in my boot lifts me above little and no one’s the wiser.  I also find walking in flats a little pulling on my knees and calves so this extra bit of height makes me more comfortable.  There are several of these heel lifts on Amazon.  I found the 'hello to longer legs' very comfortable, a bit cushioned.

I was also inspired to decorate the top of my fridge.  This was space in which I kept my dust, layers of it.  I went to the garden centre to  look for plants that I might be able to use to add colour and texture to the space. As a young relative described, I find the result ‘aesthetically pleasing.’

Last Sunday  I bought a spiralizer for making courgetti. So far Mr Him has made carrotti and Miss 21 has made herself courgetti.  I have not had a chance myself to try it.

That was spending February.  Haven't I done well!  How about you?  Have you been tempted by a spiralizer yet?


  1. I like the colour of your new boots and the colour of the plant! Now for the spiralyzer I think I will pass, I try to steer clear of the gadgets for reasons of space.


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