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The Family Cook from Deliously Ella

It's time for a food blog I suspect. I feel I haven't written one for a while (actually i haven't written one at all for a while.) I have been lain up in bed with a chest infection leaving  Mr Him and Miss 21 free rein in the kitchen. Desperately  Seperately they have been exploring Deliciously Ella's latest book. The evidence has been left in sweet potato residue on several pages, further pages wedged together with oat milk and a turmeric coloured spatula. 

A big taste win for me and Miss 21, who made it,  was spiralised cooked  courgette 
served with a sundried tomato pesto.  Marks on that 5 out of 5.  

I found the closest link to the recipe online on another blog for you here from andtravelwell 

Another taste win is a curry from the book that Mr Him made.  Again 5 out of 5. The spices really shine through.  Again on line I can only give you a link to another blog here  from thegoodwifey. 

On a score of 4 out of 5 was roasted brussel sprouts and new potatoes.  Yes I liked it enough for Mr Him to make it again this week but it doesn't quite hit the spot of the curry.  However, here is a video of Ella making this recipe, in all of her Englishness.  What a treat for you.  Here 

On the sweet tooth side of things Miss 21 made a double batch of carrot cake breakfast muffins .  

She's finding these a great portable breakfast.  My half of the batch are in the freezer and I'm using them to mix up my snack menu a bit.  The only way to get this recipe to you is take a picture from my copy of her book and hope.


  1. oh you guys have been busy in the kitchen, with delicious and healthy looking stuff!

  2. Hope you're on the mend from the chest infection.

    Thanks for the inspriation re zoodles and pesto.

    Those muffins sound amazing!

    SSG xxx


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