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Upcycling a Chest

If you've been keeping up with my suspicious activities incorporating my almost complete family then you may well have guessed what we were up to.  Yes, I have caught the 'upcycling' bug. (who made up the word upcycling anyway!)

About blah years ago I bought a wooden chest of drawers second hand (wasn't that upcycling,except we called it buying second hand?)  It's a solid wood, we think beech, and it survived two children and various knocks.  It traversed the landing from one girl's room to another several times over the years and over 3 houses. Bit by bit the drawers had lost handles and at one time the top had been painted and then scribbled upon in felt pen.  It didn't matter much, it had cost me £50 and had served its purpose over the years by the time the felt pen appeared.

With youngest having left home now, at 17, for college, it was time to do something. Get rid of it and start afresh or refurbish (upcycle.) Looking at costs of replacement second hand wooden furniture, which were running at £250 pounds or so, I decided to 'upcycle.'

A friend of Miss 21 has gone into business refurbishing vintage furniture so our grand excursions involved taking it to her flat and leaving it with her for a week. Instructions were to paint in a vintage paint, that I chose (Grand Illusions Vintage paint in Linen.) She then lacquered it  to avoid chips. 

I wanted mismatching handles just to make it quirky.  

My idea was to refurbish, or upcycle, the chest to go into a guest bedroom.  However, on seeing the finished result I am now putting it in the kitchen along with my mismatching chairs so as I can enjoy seeing it and using it daily.


  1. What a wonderful looking piece you have , enjoy.
    I refinished most of the old furniture in our home many years ago, a lot of it handed down to the kids.

  2. This is gorgeous, I love furniture to begin with. It is even better that you 'upcycled' and saved money.


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