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Whole Foods Market Trip

Yesterday, full of the joys of a Spring not yet here, so more hope really then joys, I had a wander around Clapham.  This is now an up and arrived area with shopping streets stacked with White Stuff and Crew, artisan bakers and on a Saturday a street market.

I was on my way to a meeting so didn't have time to stop but did visit Whole Foods Market, a branch of the American chain. 

I stocked up on everything one needs, such as wasabi bean spaghetti, bean sprouts and kale crisps and things I knew I wanted as soon as I saw them,  such as seaside cheese and duck liver pate.  

The olive ciabatta is as I've never seen before, in that there are not just a token few chopped black olives.  No, this ciabatta contains  whole juicy green olives. 

 I noticed the paper wrapper of the bread describes the baker as baking London's daily bread.  Listed are other London up and arrived areas.  

Then I noticed the baker is Gail's.  I have had Gail's bread delivered from Ocado before.    Definelty bread worth looking up on Ocado if you have them deliver to you. 


  1. Everything at Whole Foods looks top notch and delicious, but they are not cheap!

  2. I have fond memories of Whole Foods in London. I spent the equivalent of $18 AUD on a large serve of broccoli, amongst other things from their hot food stations... beside afternoon tea at the Palm Court, it was one of my most loved meals of the trip. Oh wait, I also loved the large cups of hot oats from MacDonalds.....

    SSG xxx


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