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Winter Smart Casual Staples

Do you have go-to clothes.  This winter my go-to has been this jumper from gap here .  It's currently at a reduced price in the UK at £14.99.  I can see this jumper being a casual winter staple for me. It's a warm jumper without being thick.  Below are a couple of ways that I have worn this Gap Brooklyn over the  past season.  I have now packed it away for the spring/summer.

A previous year purchase that turned out to be a year on year smart casual staple was a long cardigan twin set.  I bought this set 3 years ago and it comes out once or twice each winter or early spring.  This set is not constrained by fashion.  The hem is straight so not linked to any era of waterfall or hankerchief styles. A twinset for winter will always look chic to my mind.  In fact I so liked this set that I bought it in turquoise too.  In the spring I intend to wear the cardigan over white vests.

Do you have any staples  that you wear and wear?


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