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Bare Minerals and My Make Up Cheat

How often does your makeup consist of one brand? Never if you're like me.  We pick'n'mix from various brands don't we to create our individual make-up wardrobe.  Yet it occurred to me this morning that I am currently predominantly using one brand at the moment.  Bare Minerals.  For instance this is my work makeup collection.

Mineral foundation in fairly light

Eye base eyeshadow

Blusher, highlighter and bronzer 

Really who has time for bronzing and highlighting? I can see that my compact will have a river valley soon. I do occasionally highlight but then realise that I am of the age that I've just highlighted wrinkles so abandon highlighting until I forget it has that effect and try again 3 months later.  The way I  am using this new compact (don't you love a new compact), when I'm not brushing a blusher valley into it, is swiping the brush across the entire pallet, or just 2 of the 3 colours, and blending as I see fit to bronze or blush.  For the me the highlighter is for eyes only (must remember....note to self.)  

Mascara and lipstick.  I've discovered that I like pink lipstick when I'm wearing grey.  Other times I tend to wear more of a nude colour. Again I am using a Bare Minerals nude at the moment. 

I've run out of Bare Minerals eye liner and so I am using Laura Gellar which I like a lot too.
My eyeshadow is an old Trish Mcevoy set that I bought in Harvey Nicholls.  So far I have not found a Bare Minerals eyeshadow that suits me.  The ones that I tried have a shimmer which again only enhances lines.  I donated those to Miss 21.

At the weekend I swap out the mineral powder for Tartes CC stick  which gives me a lighter daytime finish and less visibility of lines.  I'm not one for liking the 'powder sitting in the face welts'  look during daylight weekend hours. 

For office hours I have a foundation cheat. I adore Dr Perricone's No Foundation Foundation. It's pricey though.  My cheat is to use his foundation down the centre of my face where the creases are and my mineral powder foundation on my cheeks and outside of the face.  This may not be conventional.  I can hear you laughing. Look, it works for me, OK!  In this way I have a powder base for blusher and a blurring foundation over lines and creases. Win-win. The colors merge well so it's unnoticeable.   If I am going on to a work event from the office I will wear only No Foundation Foundation over my entire face as it has superb longevity and my blusher remains all day and into the evening. 

At the weekend I also swap out the lipstick for Bare Minerals Moxie lip gloss. 

Bare Minerals is not cheap but you may want to explore  QVC.  The sets offered work out very much more cost effective. 

Do you have sets or are you more like me, a  pick'n'mix?  Do you find mineral powders work for you and do you highlight and bronze? Do you have make up cheats? 


  1. I don't wear makeup anymore but my daughter has a lot of stuff. Stila, Mac are favourite brands, she asked me to get her some BB cream at Christmas, it sounds like the latest thing.

  2. I've heard only good things about the Dr Perricone foundation. Glad it meets with your approval too.

    I'm a MAC fan too but lately have been straying to other options like Hourglass, Urban Decay and good old Rimmel and Maybelline.

    SSG xxx


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