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Color Wow and Pondering on the Meaning of Grey

Last week I had a visit at work from 2 woman, a relationship or sales meeting.  I have known them 9 years and they're about 9 years older than me.  We talked of all things service standards for an hour or so then as we were about to say our goodbyes the most important conversation tool place.  This was held in the foyer as they were handing in their passes. 

This most important conversation that took no more than 5 minutes determined that we all:
1. Lighten our hair to blend out any grey
2. Use Color Wow in between hair appointments as the roots start to show
3. Will not give into grey until we retire

There are some important highlights (pun) here. 

a. I'm hoping I have 9 years on them before worrying about this.
b. This means 9 years of a between appointments solution so it needs to be the right one for me.
c. They have their hair coloured every 8 weeks.  I have mine every 12. Should I expect to up this as I get older?  Probably.

If you haven't heard of Color Wow I'll enlighten you  (pun). It's a powder that comes in a compact with a brush and mirror. 

Using the brush you dab the powder onto the area you need to touch up.  It's not just for grey. This compact is designed for any touching up of roots mid colourings.

As I have almost run out I thought I'd try an alternative. I'm invested for 9 years so it's worth experimenting.  I bought a Josh Wood Root Concealer in M&S. It's a special for the store according to the website.

This brand also does a Blending Wand specifically for grey roots.  I'm not sure whether the wand is a liquid or powder.  The Wand appears to be more widely available and overseas too.

Color wow

Powder you brush on.
Lasts between washes even in the rain, apparently.
Directional as you dab or brush where you need it.
I can't feel it in my hair.

Josh Wood Instant Root Concealer

Sprays wide so colored my scalp as well as hair so I need practice
Left my hair with a  stiff hairspray feel but I think that is due to the fact the product also adds lift.

My conclusion, I'm swaying towards  ordering more  Color Wow but first I will try the Blending Wand.   The Josh Wood Root Concealer is not for me  purely because  I do not like a hair spray feel to my hair at the best of times. 

Back to our question, to go grey or not to go grey. I do wonder whether, if we 3 went grey during our working lives would we be taken seriously by our colleagues. We've heard of the glass ceiling but is there a grey city wall too?  For men grey brings an air of authority and distinction. I can't help but think Its more likely to  bring an air of Frump Around the Office if I took that plunge whilst working.

Have you tried any root touch up solutions that work for you? 
Do you think there's a grey city wall?


  1. I colour my hair every 4 weeks I have to, I started greying in my late thirties.


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