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Elizabeth Line and Gap T-shirts

Yesterday saw me get out my summer work meetings go-to light grey jacket to give it its first airing of the year.

Also, yesterday, El Nino decided we should experience snow, just a bit. When will Spring proper arrive?  As I write this we're having thundersnow.    The snow is just dribbles but it shouldn't be happening!

Oh well, moan over and back to yesterday.  I went to London for a seminar but arrived early.  This gave me an opportunity to walk around my old stomping ground.  Firstly  I noticed the large amount of under ground work going on then realised that it was lined up.  Ah, I thought, is this the new underground train line being built?  Yes, is the answer.  The 'crossrail'  as it was called, that now has been named the Elizabeth Line, was being dug under my feet as  I stood.

Secondly I found a Gap.  I had been hunting for one for the last few weeks, in Horsham and in Clapham.  I had wanted to browse rather than do my usual ordering on line.  As luck would have it there is a 40% sale in Gap at the moment.  I have been yearning for a grey t-shirt for a while and I actually found two that I liked.  Although I am a size 10 I bought one in medium here and one in large.

The large is because I had wanted an oversized look .  This T-shirt can be found here . This latter T has a slightly baggy fit when its worn in my regular size and I thought it a bit shapeless.  A size one up from my regular gave it a sloppy look which gave it more style.

I'm planning on wearing these with white jeans although I think they will be quite versatile. I really only discovered grey last year.  After having my colours done years ago I kept away from grey, as I was classified a warm Autumn according to Colour Me Beautiful, but then last year discovered that I can actually wear certain greys and am loving it.