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Love-in with Grey

Yes, I'm adoring grey.  It's a quiet but soft colour.  Not as harsh on we Autumn's as black but still says 'hey, I'm cool.'  It's not frumpy or aging in its pastel form like other pastels can be. It traverses work to evening out effortlessly.  It glides smoothly through all the seasons complementing both summer tans and winter white skin.

Is it any surprise that I am enamored since discovering it's a colour that most of us can wear?

Here are some ways I've worn grey over the last 12 months.  You can see my blog is 'real' from the amateur pics.  I think you like it like that don't you?   Who am I kidding!   That aside, here's the outfit ideas.  You will see that I enjoy Instagram challenges. It encourages me to shop my wardrobe and wear my clothes in different ways and combinations, particularly for work where I'd be tempted to stick to sets, five of them. 

Over the last year my photographic phases for IG challenges have gone from everything from an  'artistic' blurred edges to 'at an angle jauntiness' , you sense my sarcasm I hope.  

Anyway, here we go.  Warning! Mock-fashionista ahead.

Grey on grey. A simple monochrome alternative to all black.

I'm wearing this with jeans 

A bathroom shot for IG last summer

In the winter I used the bedroom lighting for IG shots

Summer grey
I can't wait to get back into these New Look trousers from last summer

Colour and Grey
An IG challenge to wear grey and coral

Another IG challenge, Khaki and grey

Camel and Grey IG challenge

Blush and grey IG challenge

Cheers grey

Out to dinner with friends in the autumn

Finally let's throw this one in for the last laugh Knossis grey (Palace of Knossis behind me)

Grey summer dress from White Stuff.  This travels on vacations with me

Here are a few summer tops I've found on line today in grey from M&S. I'd be tempted if I hadn't bought my Gap tops this week.  See previous blog for links to the Gap grey T's that I'm so pleased with.

Pure Cotton Striped T-Shirt

Marl Keyhole Short Sleeve Top

Chevron Striped Shirt

Roll on summer and grey on white and grey and tan combos.  Do you wear much grey?  What are your favourite combinations with grey.  


  1. love the grey on grey! You know you can get your colours done according to your skin type?


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