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My new Lock & Lock

How was your weekend?  On Saturday I went to my new favourite up and arrived London 'village', Clapham Junction. I met friends and we had one of those late afternoon lunches that meander through the afternoon.  You know the sort, the sort of lunch where you arrive in a restaurant around 2 pm and have the service and ambiance to yourselves for the afternoon.   We found this particular Italian restaurant on 'spec', as they say.

I ate seabass and new potatoes,  we had a civilised bottle of Italian house white and I followed with Affogato (Hot espresso poured over cold ice cream) with a shot of frangelico poured over that. 

You'd think we'd done with alcohol after that lot.  No!  We went to a bar around the corner where we found a gin menu.  Sloe gin and Prosecco served on the rocks were downed by the 3 of us.  Then again. 

The next day saw me do further exciting things.  I cleaned out my Tupperware drawer.  In truth it's not so much Tupperware as  'allsortsofplasticware'  as the drawer contains three quarters various other brands.  Over the years lids break or go missing and bases have wandered off to school lost property searching for a better life.

Last week I bought this lovely lot from QVC for just over £20 for 20 storage containers of varying sizes. Microwave and freezer proof, and available in a cheerful green.  The reviews were good so seemed worth the investment.  They are called Lock & Lock here in the UK and here in the USA

It clearly meant sorting out the rubbish.

Only containers with lids went back in the drawer. Followed by my new stash


There, that was exciting. 


  1. Here in the States Tupperware has a lifetime warranty. I've been able to replace several lids for just the cost of shipping.

  2. looks you had very good trip and lunch in you fav place ,have a blessed day

  3. I'm inspired. My container cupboard is a red hot mess right now.

    SSG xxx


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