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Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Happy Air

In my quest to do not-spend shop I have perused Sainsbury's once more this weekend to bring to you again what I didn't buy.

First up is a Tu dress. Knee length and just my shape and style.

 Then there is this orange top and I have a IG friend, Lynne, who I think would be tempted by this blouse.

 If I were younger this glittery top in gold would really appeal.

Gok's new collection is out. Very floral, very feminine and very bright.  I could so sneak some of these items into my trolley among my bags of clementines and spinach in the hope Mr Him wouldn't notice.

To bring you a more rounded experience I also sneaked into Joules, where Mr Him told me not to undo my coat for fear of being lost amongst the stock.  I was wearing a breton top at the time.

Stripes are everywhere.

I fell in love with this raincoat, but my purse, my purse.  I have to say I was very good.

Mr Him fell in love with this T but his wallet, his wallet. He was good too.  We left empty handed.

We also explored a new Waitrose and John Lewis in a nearby town.  We will be getting a Waitrose in our town soon. It's a much talked about event locally.  The design of this particular branch is open and sun drenched (of course the sun always shines on Waitrose doesn't it!)

 A newspaper recently quoted a survey that said  living near a Waitrose makes you 12% a better person.  I call it the 'happy air' that surrounds Waitrose.   We will soon live under a happy cloud and breathe happy air. That will be 'nice.'


  1. love this vicarious shopping, satisfying nonetheless!

  2. Love that theory about Waitrose and the 12% more happiness.

    The local whizz bang supermarket is my happy place too. Yesterday's shop there with my three year old was so blissful it could've been a photo shoot for a parenting magazine. So of course I took it to Instagram :-P

    SSG xxx


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