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Spotted and Not bought in Sainsbury's

I went to Sainsbury's yesterday and saw several things that I didn't buy.  Yes, I'm having a no spend, low spend month in April, no, really, I am.  Don't let me stop you though.  Here are a few things that you could buy instead of me.

These rustic home decor items caught my eye but I didn't buy.

I like these cushions but again didn't buy.  If I was not on a no spend I would very definitely have been stocking my trolley as they would be gorgeous in my anyone's garden in the summer, or a conservatory.  (Please may they still be in stock in May.)

I'm seeing these sandals everywhere on instagram but to me they don't look particularly comfortable, too flat, and didn't buy.

This bag called me, very loudly I add.  If I wasn't on a no spend I would have answered it, but I ignored its serenade.

I did buy  2 joints of Sainsbury's muscovado and orange coated gammon at £10 a pack (1.3kg).  We had it today for family visiting.  It was a change from the typical roast.  Mr Him served it with pineapple that he had griddled.

I also bought, for me, a tub of Morrocon topped houmous (yes, this is how sainsbury's spells it) which I mixed with natural yogurt and served on a pitta bread that I had got from Whole Food's Market a few weeks ago and froze for just such an occasion.  I must tell you that this pitta bread is as pitta bread should be, soft, unlike the supermarket ones.  I am a convert.

The sun and the forsythia were out so I ate it in the garden for my Saturday lunch.

Do you think of having gammon as a roast?


  1. well this is a fun painless way to shop! They mostly sell ham in stores here as opposed to gammon which I just googled is uncooked.


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