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April Purchases

Well, here we go. Time to tell you what I did buy in April.  There was a lot of blogging about gorgeous cushions that I didn't buy,  yellow bags that I passed over and shops that I walked out of keeping my purse firmly closed.  I bet you think I've been the epitome of a shop alcoholic's abstinence.

I confess, I have shopped on line. There were too many tips by bloggers  and too many sales, right!

My first purchase was a pair of cropped white jeans from Boden.  Bloggers love Boden.  I love bloggers,  Boden loves me (well my paypal account.)  I needed cropped white jeans.  I bought my last pair of white jeans five years ago. Time for more. Oh my five year old M&S ones are still going strong,  I just now have a choice of ankle grazers or normal length.  here womens-cropped-jean

Cropped Jean

My next blog inspired purchases were also from Boden, shorts.  Now I've heard differing reports about shorts.  The first was that they are not flattering to any woman, secondly they are not flattering to a woman over a certain age and now it depends on inseam length as to how flattering they are.  I listened over the years and as a result own only 3 pairs  which come out on holiday.  Recent commentary inspired me to buy another couple of pairs at an inseam length of 6 inches and as a compromise I will only wear them on holiday. One of my existing pairs, being 10 years old, is destined for greater things, such as gardening.

These are the ones that I opted for. womens-chino-shorts  in the 6 inch length.

Chino Shorts

We know that I bought 2 grey t-shirts from Gap so I won't enlarge on here. I also purchased a pair of wedged sandals from Clarkes here .  I am a size 3 and the easiest way of obtaining my size of Clarkes is via QVC. here   I bought the black and tan version on the basis that they would be suitable for work and casual.
Clarks Helio Jet Wedge Sandal Wide Fit


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