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Low Carb Lasagna

A recipe post today for a change.  This is due to the fact that I made  a low fat, low carb lasagna at the weekend. I fiddled with several on-line recipe ideas and came up with the following bit of kitchen hocus pocus. I wanted to record the recipe I created here,  for myself, as much as you, as I will be making this again and again.

Imaginary pretty picture of gorgeously green courgette here

Oil for browning
500 g minced beef
1 onion
I large jar of Dolmio bolognaise sauce (I'll try to make my own next time )
8 cherry tomatoes
Fresh herbs
500g of low fat cottage cheese
2 eggs
3 courgettes

Gratuitous picture of cooked to perfection slightly bronzed lasagna with no brown edges and no burnt bits stuck to baking dish, sunlight pouring over kitchen and a glass of white wine in the background - forget in the background, in my hand, which is smooth, tanned, with nails varnished in a  vibrant red.  Handsome man in the background, forget background, in my arms.


Brown the onion in a bit of oil and add the  meat to the pan to brown through
add Mushrooms
add sauce
add Tomatoes
add Fresh herbs 
leave to simmer 

Meanwhile slice courgettes
Mix cottage cheese with eggs

Layer the meat mix, courgette slices and cottage cheese mix

I put the lasagna in the oven for 45 mins at 200c

This mix has provided me with 6 meals.  5 are in the freezer.   Mr Him doesn't like courgette nor cottage cheese so this is all mine.  It's surprisingly tasty too!. Once the cottage cheese is cooked you wouldn't know it was cottage cheese.

How would you adapt this to improve it whilst  keeping low fat low carb?